NYC – photo series
NC yellow cab New York City, a bustling city that never appears to sleep is always changing. For me last weeks trip, this time along with my sister, was already my third one and it just doesn't get old. Whether it's the bigger than big shops, magnificent skyline, or just plain old people watching this city keeps excitement levels right up there.
We are all a part of it – The Milky Way
RLN_6148-web Friday night, somewhere in the province of Zeeland, the sun sets and the sky slowly turned black, pitch black.
Cuba – Photo series
El Capitolio My interest in Cuba, which has never been that high on my bucket list, got sparked by the latest developments last year. The urge to visit and experience this country in it’s current form got bigger and bigger. Needless to say it didn’t last too long before the decision was made and plane tickets were bought.
Where pathways meet
Where pathways meet Armed with my Ricoh GR and my mind set on some street photography I decided to take the train up to the city of Dordrecht hoping to find some interesting people and situations to capture.